Swanpack Packaging Machines (P) Ltd.

Stall No:  1.130

Company Description:
We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturers and exporters of filling machinery for various types of products like Granules,Powders, Viscous liquids, free flow liquids, Pickles. All our machines are designed in our state of the art computerized design centre. Our Special Viscous Fillers can also handle difficult products like Pickle and Chyawanprash.

Our Product range includes:

1. Auto/Semi Auto Liquid Filling Machine. (For filling Lubricants,Oils, Juices, Health drinks, Ayurvedic Preparations, Pharma Formulations, Syrups, Pesticides, Bio-Chemicals and all Free flowing liquids).
2. Auto/Semi Auto Viscous Liquid Filling Machine. (For Filling Jams,Sauces, Squashes, Food pastes, Chutneys, Ghee, Pharma Suspensions,Adhesives, Cosmetic Creams & Lotions).
3. Auto/Semi Auto Pickle-Paste Filling Machine. (For Filling all kinds of Pickles with Hard Pieces, Chawanprash, RTE Foods).
4. Auto/Semi Auto Powder Filling Machine (Servo Auger & Clutch-Brake Versions Available). ( For Filling all free flowing powders like Protein powders, Spices, Pesticide powders, Dry syrups, Ready made Tea-coffee premixes.
5. Auto/Semi Auto Granule Filling Machine. (For Filling all Free flowing granules like whole spices, Pesticide Granules, Pharma Granules, Seeds, Pulses).
Product on Display:
Auto Bottle Filling Machine
Located at:
Plot No:56, Phase-3, IDA Cherlapally, Hyderabad 500051 Andhra Pradesh India