Narang Sons

Stall No:  1.158

Company Description:
NARANG SONS is a INDIA based manufacturer of synthetic ropes, braided cords, Twill Tapes, Dori, Polyester Tapes, Wax Cords, Jacquard Tapes & Laces, Webbing & Trimmings. Our product is used in a wide range of applications including Rice Bags, Shopping Bags, Paper Bags, Lanyards, Shoe Laces, Venetian Blinds, Handicrafts, Home Furnishing, Garments, Candles, Packaging and Toys manufacturing. We focus on using the best quality raw materials to develop a quality product that is backed up with Top class service and support.
Product on Display:
We will be displaying all kinds ropes, dori, threads and niwars specifically used by in Paper Bags, Rice Bags, Non Woven Bags and all kind threads and ropes required by Printing Industry.
Located at:
5207, Sadar Thana Road, Sadar Bazar, Delhi - 110006 India